Camping Andros

Gavrio Andros Island, Cyclades, Greece, GR-845 01

+30 22820 71444

Fax: +30 22820 71044

Athens Office Contact

+30 210 8228549, Mobile +30. 6976161594


  • The check in is at 12:00 p.m and the check out until 12:00 p.m the latest
  • Reservations are recommended
  • It is mandatory to inform reception about any visitors or any change in the number of persons
  • Hammocks are forbidden
  • The change of the place given from the personal is not allowed
  • During the quiet hours, 15:00-17:30 & 23:00-08:00 it is forbidden to cause any kind of noises, such as speaking loudly , reproducing music, using music instruments, or moving any vehicle in the campsite premises.
  • It is strictly forbidden to open fires ,have barbecues(this also includes gas barbecues) or light candles in the camping area
  • Travelers cannot encroach any campsite areas
  • Exit rows and roads must be free at any time
  • Speed limit within the campsite is 3km
  • Camping is pet friendly but not addressed to pets
  • Dogs must have a leash while staying at the camping
  • Τravelers having pets are responsible for picking up their waste at any time. Medical certification proving that all vaccinations are up to date must be available, if requested
  • Pet owners are responsible for any damage that may occur as well as for feeding and watering them


  • Travelers must always follow personnel’s instructions